what’s a friend to you?

i appreciate your words on true friendship. life without friends would be so empty. to not be friends because you are different is so limiting. you have a wonderful mind. i love your writing. the post above this one that you wrote regarding the shooting tragedy in colorado was thoughtful and beautiful. i’d like to reblog this one on friendship and i think i will post something regarding the people who had to endure such a tragedy. these posts are both so meaningful. thank you. jennifer kiley


One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Whatis a friend to you? When I was in 8th grade my English teacher asked the class us to write an essay on what the words ‘true friend’ meant to us. I was only 13 then and I remember reading and hearing my peer’s opinions on what a ‘true friend’ was to them and I remember realizing that my idea of a true friend was different from other kids in fact everybody had their own idea, many were similar but none were exactly the same.

I remember being pretty honest about my idea and I also remember the teacher’s remarks. I wrote that to me a friend was someone who liked you for you are and respected your opinions and that I liked how it was entirely up to us…

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One thought on “what’s a friend to you?

  1. i have been fortunate to find true friendship in my adult life. without these people life would be so empty. i feel i need to share my life with good people in it and wonderful animals, too. i love them all and i try to let them know this. why would i want to keep my feelings a secret? i am learning about love through my friendships. it is unconditional and supportive and giving and caring. i feel, also, that i need to be honest and direct. as the title of this post that i reblogged asks: “what is a friend to you? leave a reply if you so desire. i would love to hear what you think and feel about this question. jennifer


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