writing is…resumes its’ voice

writing is…resumes its’ voice
by jennifer kiley

contrary and nonsense

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Writing…Is there anything writing can’t do?

Writing…can bring change and continuity…

Writing…bravely can lead to thoughts one might never have discovered otherwise.

Writing…it’s amazing how easily one can pass all of this by.

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colours of the world

Writing is…an amazing creation.

Writing is…a way of telling you to imagine when the first words were used.

Writing is…a way of learning when language was new to humans.

Writing is…using the alphabet in order to use the words to record anything.

Writing is…a way to express a thought or a description of what you see or think or feel.

Writing is…magical and limitless.

Writing…breaths life into our lives.

visual reality

Writing…without writing the world would become a lesser place.

Writing…art was writing with images, the first way of communicating outside of the body.

Writing…it came along and added to arts form of expression.

Writing…leads to a brave exploration inside of your mind, heart and soul.

Writing…often leads to discoveries of newness.

Writing…often leads to thoughts that have never been thought before.

Writing is…divine.

universe in its vastness

Writing is…the ability to express meaning in words.

Writing…can lead to great insights brought forth from your mind.

Writing…teaches us to learn words and their meanings.

Writing…enables you to use those new words to be able to use them to express yourself in a deeper and more expressive way.

Writing…informs you of danger.

Writing…increases your imagination.

Writing is…a way to express your feelings for someone you love.

spiritual enlightenment

Writing is…a way to find your way out of the maze inside of your mind.

Writing is…a way to communicate when you are unable to speak.

Writing is…a way for a person to describe in a memoir the story of their life.

Writing is…a way to say goodbye.

Writing is…a way to get to know someone you have never met and to develop a meaningful relationship through the use of words.

Writing is…a way to release your imagination into developing new worlds for readers to venture forth in and lose themselves to the land that is created by the writer.

Writing is…vital for people who are poets, writers, screenwriters or anyone who uses words to express a story or an abstract form of expression.

spirits in the sky

Writing is…used to create a true story about an event in order that others may come to some understanding why something happened that otherwise would remain an unsolved mystery.

Writing is…a way to create stories to read to children,

Writing is…a way to create books to teach children how to read.

Writing is…a way to create books that teachers will use in schools to educate children.

Writing…communicates ideas that may lead to a new way of thinking.

Writing…helps people with memory problems record notes that will aid in their remembering all kinds of information that is important for them to keep their life as normal as possible,

Writing…creates scripts that those in the entertainment world use to make films and tv shows that people find a means to escape the everyday world.

purple abstraction

Writing…creates a means to escape from where you are to an imaginary place that you might fantasize wanting to be.

Writing is…a way of corresponding with someone you love who is far away from home.

Writing is…a way to learn language.

Writing is…just putting down the letters of your alphabet in a calligraphers artistry.

Writing is…how to create literature.

Writing is…an expressive means that a scientist would use to record their theories like relativity or the history of the universe.

Writing is…the recording of a document like a will or a court order or the ruling of the supreme court stating what their decision or ruling is.

prometheus reborn

Writing is…what created the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

Writing is…an assignment from a teacher to compose a composition on the subject of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Writing is…an article a journalist would write about a breaking story on an event happening in the world of interest to many people.

Writing is…creating a love poem to send your significant other to let them know how you feel about them.

Writing is…creating fiction through using prose to create the story.

Writing is…a poets way of revealing what comes from their mind, heart and soul in as many forms as their are poets.

Writing… needs paper and pen or computer or some solid form in order to record the words that feel a need to be expressed.

exotic imagination

Writing…sometimes needs a theme in order to create something of meaning.

Writing is…to a newspaper what an editorial is to an editor in chief.

Writing is…like a chess game when two or more people are involved in a discourse about a particular matter that needs to be resolved.

Writing…an essay is a way of communicating ideas that are neither fiction nor non-fiction but an expression of ideas or theories that may expand ones thoughts, whether it be the reader or writer or both.

Writing…a thesis or dissertation is essential in order to advance in your educational endeavors.

Writing is…a way, one word put after another, to use in the creative form to eventually have the results of a book, manuscript, novel, play, or collection of short stories.

Writing…will help you create anything from literary to professional documents to letters to pamphlets of information.

colours of life

Writing is…used to review films, books, theatre productions, televison shows, and all sorts of things that are in need of review so that others might learn more of something they may be thinking of seeing or reading.

Writing…informs people of what something is or how to make something or how to care for an animal or how to build a house.

Writing…has so many uses, to educate in so many ways, that it is endless what writing can do or be to any person.

Writing is…essential for anyone in the entertainment community.

Writing is…essential to those who choose to be writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, philosophers, critics, readers, film makers, bloggers, journalists, lexicographers, crosswood puzzle editors, editors, graphic novelists, novelists, comedians, jeopardy clue writers, (and i know i am leaving some creative people out but i include them in) and anyone who uses words in their creative expressions.

colours of life 1

Writing is…a way of creating history the way the winners want it to be perceived and remembered.

Writing is…the way the governments of the world create propaganda so the people will only know what the people in power want them to know.

Writing is…creating the words used in documentaries to express the meaning of the true story that is at the center of the topic of the film.

Writing is…essential for educating all of the people who want to be informed or who are allowed in some countries to be informed of what is truthfully going on in the world and so few really do know the truth because it is classified or just kept from even the best investigative reporters.

Writing is…essential to bring to awareness infomation that could prove life saving.

Writing is…where sometimes we actually may find out the truth as it is filtered through all of the lies and propaganda.

colours of life

Writing is…one word after another that expresses what one actually thinks and feels without fear of repraisal.

Writing is…a love story that can be found in lost letters or journals that are found after the loss of someone in our life that we loved, where the truth of their love is finally revealed.

Writing…creates drama in stories so that people may get a glimpse of what some parts of life are about.

Writing is…a tool of learning.

Writing is…a way to express our opinions of our life and our world as we see it and interpret it to be.

Writing is…an essential means of communication of truth, honesty, love, feelings, revealing secrets that a person is unable to speak out loud.

Writings is…one of the most important forms of communications between people and to our own selves so that we may know what is going on in each others lives.

contrary and nonsense

Writing is…the use of words to create sense out of nonsense and to discover the meaning of life, freedom, happiness, pain, purpose, learning, and how to love the world and how to find a way to bring peace to the world.

Writing is…important to creating the lyrics of songs that help people heal and express their experiences through the words and feelings in songs.

Writing…the words in songs help people to grieve; to experience their emotions like no other way can help them do this.

Writing is…a way of expressing how you feel about someone when they are gone from this world.

Writing is…using words when grieving, it is when we are the most open and honest with our words about our thoughts and feelings about that person.

Writing…allows people to understand what all things are that exist in this world and in the fantasy world that some people create to escape to from this world when it is to much to be alive in this one.

Writing…allows people to tell someone we love just how deeply that love goes. sometimes it is easier to write in a poem what we feel. it can be less scary.

exotic imagination

Writing…can take the fear away when the words are for comforting the person who is fearful.

Writing…reveals truths we never would know otherwise.

Writing is…the most imaginative form of expression that humans have ever created and included in that magic one must include all forms of art from paintings to sculpture to architecture to musical songs to theatre to books, to all things creative.

Writing is…a divine form of creation for you can do everything with words to describe anything and everything that is possible and sometimes what we think is impossible to express.