when you believe: or that’s what you call confusion

when you believe: or that’s what you call confusion
by jennifer kiley

abstract jacaranda tree

you disappeared from my vision,
but my mine’s eye collected your image.
it is locked away for a day
when reality meets it’s reflection.

are you my truth?
are you meant to guide me?
to the purpose? to the meaning?
that one day follows another.
and time continues until time changes,
and what was is never more.

transitioning into a white
cloud of existence
beyond truth.

the pain of missing you
will be gone.
our essence will blend.

touching a space
of our being
that has lost
it’s physical form.

together for eternity.
always and forever.

this is imagination
and what might be
after i am gone.

but now you are watching.
your arms wrap around my soul.
you protect me from harm,
even from myself.

you listen when all feels lost.
you bring me around again,
to reveal to me.
what is truly there.
where there is love.

those i felt i lost,
were just hidden
from my site.
my blindness can be real.
a small thing can explode.

feelings are not predictable.
they change with each breath,
each heart beat we feel,
will stop the love i feel
from being real.
and all with be gone.

i need to believe in you.
to believe in the truth.
when love is hard to see,
believe in its invisibility.
it is there and waiting.

when you believe with lyrics-whitney houston and mariah carey