some of my favorite things

some of my favorite things
by jennifer kiley

golden gate bridge

viewing a field of daisies, my favorite flower.
listening to a light rain on the roof
when dropping off to sleep and seeing it
coming down during the day, as the drops
hit the puddles that build up in the driveway.
my most favorite thing is to have anyone
of my cats or my parrot snuggling in my lap.
i especially like it when one or more of my kitties
drapes themselves across my arm(s) while i am
trying to write on my laptop. they’re usually
very cooperative if i need to slightly move them
to reach a certain key on the keyboard.

i am computer kitty with
mouse-symbol for cat “mouse”

i love watching a fluffy snow
and the snowflakes drifting lightly
down from the sky. i love when my
significant other and i spend time
in the evening together after a long day
of writing in our own writing spaces.
we talk or watch films or tv shows.
sometimes we have fun playing the “truth”
part of “truth or dare.” there is nothing
like enjoying a delicious meal. reading
any book which draws me into the place
in the story and takes me along on the
adventure. reading any book that enlightens
me and causes me to think. watching a great
film that i’ve been waiting to come out on dvd.

edward and bella “twilight”

receiving and sending a wonderful letter
to and from someone i love. feeling loved
and knowing i am loved and loving someone
i have strong feelings for. feeding my animals
and just enjoy watching them eat. getting the cats
stoned on catnip and watching their reactions.
seeing the faces of our 3 new kittens as they
discover new ways of playing. the first time
one of the kittens discovered catnip. he is
going to be such a stoner just like his mother,
me. not so much these days but i would like to
see human catnip (marijuana) legalized.
snuggling with one of my cats in bed while
i settle to read or write and lying with my
head leaning into her body and her paws touching
my face and hearing the purring come from her.

butterfly bee and purple flowers

just being around any body of water or a
stream running down over the rocks.
there are so many more things that i
enjoy. i will end by saying watching
“modern family,” “outnumbered,” “the
vicar of dipley” and “the big bag theory”
and laughing hysterically. i love to laugh.
i guess i am not exactly finished yet.
also, a good hug with someone special
when it lasts just the right amount of
time. these are some of my favorite things.
watching the film “the sound of music”
for over the 100th time.

tree light streaking

and it’s understood that i love to write
almost anything. i cannot believe i almost
left off music. i thrive on music. putting
in my ear buds and setting my mp3 walkman
to shuffle and being surprised at what song
or piece of music pops up. it is delightful
to be surprised whether it be classical,
an opera aria, adele, whitney, john lennon or
niamh clune, abba, queen, pop music, hearing
freddie mercury, josh groban, simon and
garfunkel, ravel’s bolero (that lasts
just long enough to get me all the way
home from downtown).

purple back with butterflies

i use to pilot small planes and there
is nothing like being up in the sky
on a sunny day flying solo near a shoreline.
the ground looks like a patchwork quilt
of all shapes and colors. it is so peaceful
even though there is the roar of the engines.
at least they are not as loud as a jet’s.

spiritual pathway

“to live is so startling,
it leaves but little room for other occupations…”
~emily dickinson~

choices people make: it doesn’t have to be this way

choices people make: it doesn’t have to be this way
poster created and written by jennifer kiley

damn fools

this is just a short commentary on my evaluation of some of the choices that people have or are about to make in the near future. all i am asking is to give a great deal of thought before you make any serious decisions that will effect all people globally. if you are not damn fools then you have been guided by a conscience that is leading you in a direction that will sit favorable with the rest of the world. if you are a damn fool then i wish you would seriously reconsider your position on things.
jennifer kiley ~the secret keeper~