start a revolution: starvation in sahel

start a revolution: starvation in sahel
by jennifer kiley

start a revolution. i’ve been feeling the need for one for years. the people of the world unite, there’s nothing to lose but your chains. if the wealth of the world were spread out i feel that the problems all over the world would be more manageable to resolve. if the people who are in the areas, where it is almost or too impossible to sustain life, had the financial means to relocate and not to a refugee camp but to a home and village and a means to more than just survive. this would be possible if all the people of the world freed up their generosity. the world would be able to do more than just survive. people would get training and education and jobs and have shelter (decent) where they could bring up their families. if it means there would be one parent families. if we helped and supported all the people who need support to restart their lives we could take care of everyone.

we, as a world, should be able to accomplish this, if all the world governments and the people in all the countries who have more than what they need shared, then the excess could be given to those in need. if we kept this going we could eventually end world starvation, and find homes and support for all people, and they wouldn’t have to live their lives as non citizens and invisible citizens of the world.

the way people look or don’t actually look at the homeless in my country, the US. the way the homeless are thought of: they are crazy or lazy or don’t care so they are less than people. and if they die or someone abuses them or kills them the police won’t lift a finger to help them out or even to investigate their abuse or try to discover who killed them. people just don’t care if they think you are a nobody. i am sure a great many people look at Sahel this way, if they notice it at all. they would see these people as nobodys. the people of my country and the rest of the world would turn a blind eye, except those who are trying to help.

for those who are not aware, Sahel is a place in Africa where the people are starving. there is a drought so severe in Sahel that the soil will not sustain any growth of crops. there is a hopeless situation, where organizations are trying to find solutions to bring aid to help the people, mostly mothers and children, to survive. (see related links at bottom for more infomation.)

to the rest of the world they are part of the group that are non-existant. the people that look away just want to get on with their lives. let the people on the street die and be done with them. like scrooge’s philosophy: “let them die and decrease the surplus populations.” that is what the wealthy think. if they cannot do anything to make me wealthier then why bother.

i realize there are some people who are wealthy that do help, so i will not totally demonize those who have a great deal of money. but you don’t have to be wealthy to not care, you just have to be a right wing tea party republican type not to care for anyone in the US let alone the rest of the world and especially not the people in Africa. they aren’t their people so why should they care. why aren’t they taking care of themselves. everyone needs to do that. this is the way these people think. let everyone starve and die if they can’t afford to live. some of our politicians are outspoken about feeling this way even to people they use to call friends.

it is shameful the attitude that some people have. i am so far left of the left that they are not progressive enough for me. my theory for my country and this should apply to the world because i feel we are all world citizens: all people should be guaranteed a decent place to live, the funds to afford a nutritious supply of food, funds for clothing, funds for an education and some extra for necessary goods and left over for entertainment of some sort. this should be the basic needs that should be met for all people on the planet.

how to accomplish this is to share the wealth, the jobs, eliminate poverty, eliminate those positions that pay an exobitant wage and let that money seriously filter down to everyone. there should be training and education to what people are best suited for so that they are happy in what they are doing with their lives. and imporantly there should be support for the artists of the world, for they are the ones that foresee the future and how to make it grow.

in the US, a CEO works for $.01 seconds to buy a 1/2 gallon of milk; a middle class worker works for 13 minutes to buy the same 1/2 gallon of milk and the low wage earner who works at mcdonalds works for 1/2 hour to buy 1/2 gallon of milk. now i would definitely say that there is an imbalance of monetary sharing. in the russian revolution there were those who ate at the elegant restaurants and could have anything they wanted to eat or drink. the proletariat could barely survive on the rations that remained. so the bourgeoisie needed to be overthrown and the wealth needed to be divided. unfortunately, those who took over after the royal family were terminated ( i did not like that at all) were worse.

so we need to think of a way, if there is to be a revolution, that we do not create a stalin or a moa. we need a progressive, well represented, over seeing group that can organize a structure that will take care of the whole world. knock down all the walls that separate people. i am definitely not suggesting anything close to anarchy. there needs to be a form of world government where all are represented and lobbyists are not allowed.

i just realized this might be considered sedition. it sounds like i am plotting a revolution. it all comes full circle. did you know that marx left his home country and spent the second part of his life living in Great Britain. he had the right idea, if there were a way that the whole world could be joined and the crazy leaders and the boundaries of countries could be eliminated, then we would all stand a chance. there would be no such thing as outsourcing.

as john lennon said in one word: IMAGINE!!! well aren’t i the revolutionary. if it happened, i think it would work. but taking the toys away from the 1% and their protective henchmen could prove dangerous and quite possibly impossible. but in actuality, is there anything that is totally impossible???
jennifer kiley ~the secret keeper~

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