colours streaming

colours streaming
by jennifer kiley
written on july 9th 2012

colours of the world

colours streaming

colours streaming in a dream state,
free flowing through the stars,
connecting strings of reds and blues.

all lights are dancing,
holding rays of gold and green.
touching magic, colour schemes.

dancing in the heart.
switches to impossible.
to attachment, then to fear.

when sending power leaves.
feeling separate reappears,
and attachment disentangles.

collapsing love entirely
defeating love’s intensity.
difference alters change.

but one who sees too much
of what is there gets buried
in too deeply for most to see.

blinded by the light.
thru the darkness, cannot see
and lost is calling found.

rescue is victorious.
control is now revealed.
inner power is awakened.

gracefully back away
before the fool appears
bringing in the view.

lost in thoughts
having discovered.
release will set you free.

fear frightens everything,
no exceptions to the fright.
rejections’ vulnerability.

no reasons to remain alive.
never right again.
leave before the hurt sinks in.

enter streams of madness
nothing as it seems.
all is contrary to its’ self.

not existing
having never been
elusive life can be.

imaginary figures.
entering into dreams
inevitably all will wake.

wanting what is real.
doubt, no realness here.
never has been, ever will.

dying, death.
surrounding now.
lost inside a maze.

wanting. leaving.
nearing exit.
all that once was made.

all is going.
invisible, vanishing.
the darkness settling in.

faces going.
bringing sadness.
the mirror of invisibility.

no more seeing favorite things.
no sexy bodies, doing sexy things.
those sights will be gone.

visions all will vanish,
disappearing and impending,
the eyes will cease to see.

light vanishing at the end of the darkness

true colours with lyrics-cyndi lauber