vibrant colors of life

amazing sparkly colours surrounding this flatfin angel fish. vibrant colours of life. recently colours have developed a significant importance to me. futures always bring on surprises that we lease expect, some great, some that will be a struggle to face. life is that way. in between time, i will see all that i am able to see. the multiple film list that i need to make time for and all the books i want to read. everyone should have a bucket list. time is always now. so now is a good time to think about making one. jennifer kiley ~the secret keeper~

Life in the Great Beyond

Vibrant Colors of Life

This flagfin angelfish reigning amid a colorful reef reflects a good contrast in the depths of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. Tubbataha is home to about 600 species of sharks and 360 species of coral – more coral species than Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef and the Carribean combined.

NB.  Photo courtesy of Angel using his Olympus Tough 8000 with PT 045 as casing.

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be real in the moment

be real in the moment
by jennifer kiley

be real in the moment

being real is ultimatley paramount.
life exists in one moment.
as time holds it in its’ arms.

participating in that continuous instant,
is how we learn, experience and grow.
only if we listen, act and become aware.

in that flash we may absorb
the underlying wisdom of life
that is hidden within her secret places.

if we concentrate and let go, we may
find in the contradiction that our
spirit may glimpse the infinite truth.

by jennifer kiley

john lennon-watching the wheels