faith of the heart

faith of the heart
jennifer kiley

russell watson-faith of the heart

imagintion muse

someone special in my life, this is for them. they have helped me to open up my heart again and to free my soul to soar. i hope they realize how incredible they are. everyday i try to let them know through the words i write, through the thoughts i think & through the feelings i feel of love. they brought someone back to me who i thought was lost. feelings rush in where i use to have a dam built so high nothing could get over it and nothing was able to come out. i have felt angry and depressed resently but i feel lighter now that i had contact with her. when i feel connected to the love she has taught me how to feel. and she said that i could trust her. i don’t know whether she realizes just how powerful those words are for me to hear. whenever i read them written by her, i feel a renewal of my “faith of the heart.” i thank her and i thank all the other people who also make me feel good about myself, because you show me that i matter. that my life makes a difference. we all need to know that we are loved and that we belong. it’s sometimes so easy to forget. i. also, dedicate this song to my neice who is expecting her first baby. he is going to be boy. the name is already picked out. she will make a wonderful mom because she has a generousness of the heart and the soul and i love her very much. she knows that because i remind her all the time. and she reminds me that she loves me, also. one of the good parts of my family, and her husband is so gentle with her. he teaches her what love really is. they share it with each other in a special way. so for all those people i love and to spread some of that love that john lennon and yoko ono spoke about i wish you all love. jennifer kiley ~the secret keeper~

6 thoughts on “faith of the heart

  1. you’re so sweet to people around you. honestly, i feel awkward telling my mom and dad how i love them. i just show through my actions. 😉

    keep the sweetness!


    • these are the most wonderful words you have said to me. sometimes the actions don’t need words. i must remember that myself sometimes. it is difficult to tell someone, no matter who, that you love them. thank you for making me smile. you are very kind.


  2. I am sure that the person you speak of knows how you feel. That kind of honesty transcends space and time. And I am sure she will love the picture you have chosen for this post. Allowing love to fill the cavity of the heart is the most healing thing we can ever do for ourselves and for those about us. You have such a great, big heart. It was always meant to express love. Depression comes when it cannot.


    • i hope they receive the message. it is the purist love that i feel and the only way i can communicate how i feel to them. it may seem cryptic but if they look within their own heart they will feel this love. they will read the symbols and know. i want to love and get beyond the pain that sometimes blocks it. you are right, the depression comes on when i am unable to express my feelings of love. or i get confused and the love turns back on me. my sensitivity response is too hieghtened and i misunderstand too easily. that is when i feel hurt and it is converted into depression. then converted into not wanting to live. the hormone that is triggered to ready yourself for death is released when i am in the middle of all these confusing feelings and reactions. the poem i wrote last night and rewrote over and over again today and tonight is one of those confusing reactions. it is a true bipolar reaction from the high into the low. i posted it after midnight on the 10th of july. it’s titled: “colours streaming.” all night i have been feelings really *bleeped* up. jen


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