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i feel michael fassbender is the most versatile actor at present. i’ve enjoyed him even before i knew who he was. my favorite role to date, which was not mentioned in the overview of him, is the film and character “The Dangerous Method” as Dr. Carl Jung. he was brilliant and so was the film. yes, they could have spent more in depth time with Freud and Jung but i was thoroughly moved by this film. it was, afterall, about the beginning of the “talking cure.” i find anything that has to with psychotherapy, to be fascinating. when i went to write a review of this film on a site online, i was taken aback by all the negative comments. had these people seen the same film as i did? i’ve watched it several times since and recommend it highly to those who have an inclination toward well written scripts and intelligent exchanges. there are no car chases or things blowing up or special effects of any kind. it is the relationship between people exhibited in as civilized a manner as possible when there is “kinky” sex going on between therapist and patient. the therapist is married and not exactly coming clean with the truth about what he is doing. today, he would have lost his license to practice. but Dr. Carl Jung then never would have been able to extablish the “talking cure” which is psychoanalysis today. what disappointed me was that this film wasn’t given the recognition it deserved. as well as some honors & nominations for michael for an Oscar &/or Golden Globe. jmho
Watch this video of A Dangerous Method Movie Trailer.

i’ve seen Inglorious Bastards, which i thought if it hadn’t been such a serious subject matter, i would have labeled this a comedic drama. the nazis were crazy, not just b/c nazis are crazy. the lead role of nazis the wall insane, bordering on insanely hysterical. the act received an Academy Award for his performance. the subject matter kept one from LMFAO. Prometheus, i have posted something about this film twice on my blog. i am a fan of Alien(s) & Ripley. the first film sacred the sh@t out of me. the trailer of Prometheus makes me feel it will do the same and michael’s role & his preparation for it makes me very curious how he will carry off being a HAL like robot and unlike Ian Holms. I don’t think you mentioned Shame in the overview either. that film is a curious film about a sex addict who was played by michael in such a physically open fashion. i watched in amazement how natural he acted doing full frontal nudity. the sex was so casual. then his world fell apart gradually. let’s just say his privacy was invaded upon. what that can do to someone with an outgoing sex life with self and others. michael’s performance in Shame was remarkable. if you have the guts to see this and can get past your own shame for watching a film with this particular subject of sex addiction it is worth your time to see an excellent performance. choose carefully who you watch this film with, if you are easily embarrassed, i would suggest watching it alone or with someone with whom you are intimately involved. it is a rather sexy sexy film. great screenplay though & as i said, great performances.

This is a well edited video for the film Shame & the Official UK Trailer and the following is something I highly recommend when you have a bit of time to take a view & a listen to this video of an interview about the film Shame at the Picturehouse Hackney. it’s a Q & A with Michael Fassbender it is a brlliant discussion worth the listen. i wasn’t able to post the videos on my post. just one of those diappointments but just click on the highlighted links. they are very informative. by jennifer. the secret keeper

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Despite all the love/hate Prometheus is getting, most reviewers agree on one thing: Michael Fassbender was awesome in it. Enough reason for me to shine a light on his career in this new installment of “The Many Faces of…”.

Fassbender was born in Heidelberg, Germany (his father is German, his mother Irish). He speaks German fluently. His parents moved to Ireland when he was 2 where his father was a chef. Fassbender served as an altar boy and had the keys to the church. He had a fascination with Star Wars and collected the toys when growing up.

He attended St. Brendan’s College. When he was 17 he still didn’t know what he wanted to do. He thought about being a guitarist, an architect or a journalist, but ended up acting. He was in a school play as one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. He followed some drama classes and got into…

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