The Sunshine Award Nomination

The Sunshine Award Nomination

Blog Awards: It Feels Great To Be Awarding Those Who Deserve Recognition For Their Passions.

This entry was posted on 12 June 2012, Tuesday

The Sunshine Award Nomination

These are the instructions for earning this award…

***Link the award to the person who gave it to you . . .

the great greths
the unbearable lightness of being me

***Answer the questions that come with it
***Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it

Here are the questions and MY answers:
1.Favorite Color: purple
2.Favorite Animal: cats (large & small)
3.Favorite number: 7
4.Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: arizona diet iced tea
5.Facebook or Twitter: both: facebook-feel closer to people/twitter-keeps me connected to the world
6.My Passion: creating with words in whatever form possible
7.Prefer getting or giving presents: giving (more exciting)
8.Favorite pattern: mandalas
9.Favorite Day of the Week: satudrday (brit comedies on pbs)
10.Favorite Flower: diasy (white for innocence)

In no particular order my nominations for The Sunshine Award are:

1. : shawn – for believing in the mystical creatures that are invisible to most and to giving them a voice and recognition. to the dragon keeper. long live the wee people, the faires, the unicorns, the dragons and all their other mystical friends. may they all be safe and protected from the dangers from some of mankind. your writing, among other topics, spreads the word of their continuing tales.

2. : purple owl tree – to your enthusiasm. to defending causes when the meanness of others in the world try to bully and condemn them. i am speaking of your recent stand to come forward and support gay and lesbians rights to equality and to condemn those who use any means they can to defame them. also, to your all around bravery. i have enjoyed our exchanges and look forward to there continuation.

3. : for thorough love of films and your enthusiasm for the technologies that have through the years caused the face of films to change. also, yo your love of all the film greats and your critiques hat you share so that others may lern and debate you.

4. : songs of the sirens – you are strong. i believe you can face anything. your blog helps to take away the stigma that there is something wrong with being different. no one is normal. we are who we are and everyone is different and deserves to be treated like an individual. all things will be as you wish them to be. just believe. you’ve got the strength.

5. : niamh clune – for bringing spirit to those who hear your songs and your enriching singing voice. to all the inspirational words you have written. to creating the character of skyla so those who discovrer her can believe in their own imaginations as a safe place to go to where all will be alright. to creating a place where a book like Every Child is Entitled to Innocence can be published and offered to the world. and for caring about all the children of the world.

6. : you make me laugh. i smile when i see the humorous animated animal haiku. your therapy sessions crack me up. they are so relateable to my own crazy therapy sessions. i just love your blog. my therapist wants me to laugh as often as possible and your posts are one of the things that do it for me.

7. : emily guido – i’d like to see the sunshine on your smile. i have a feeling when you have the energy after all the many activities you participate in beyond your writng, you find time to laugh. i am hoping that you do. here’s another award for the enjoyable brightness of your blog.

8. : seaneen – being mentally interesting. that’s something to reach for. when bipolar is part of your life Il est accompli. your blog leads to some really great posts. i likr your sense of humor also. when there is such seriousnes in your life it is better to “always look on the bright side of life.” i’m breaking off into a terry gilliam movie scene here. i think you express this sentiment in your attitude. which is a great accomplishment.

9. http:// : you brighten up my day when i see that you have liked a post that i have created. it feels good to be recognized for your hard work when being creative but i love it as i know you do yourself in you own creation with words in their many forms. you are the poet and writer of such beautiful prose and verse. i just want to give you more sunshine for your inspring work and creations.

10. http:// : louise – i have visited your page and find i am so impressed by the choices you make to expand your artistic life. i feel so connected to many of those you have on your list of influences. there is kindred spirit connections with virginia woolf, sylvia plath, kurt vonnegut, vincent van gogh, and others that you have opened your mind to. ‘the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ is one of my favorite films. if you thought that was inspiring you should check out the film ‘momento’ directed by soderbergh. it’s always a joy to find someone with similar influences. gibran i read often. i prefer his work if i transfer the genders in his verse. it becomes more relateable. fitzgerald, ginsberg, salinger, capote, i could go on. great choices. reading about virginia woolf’s life from her perspective and others is also enlightening. i feel the same love and devotion to good films about the lives of artists from all areas of creating. a love of films, books, music, art (eclectic in all areas) they are all a passion. it is good they are your passions. they serve up quite an enlightening life. keep going in your direction. theatre is a great world.

i nominate you all for The Sunshine Award for i feel with what intelligence and enlightenment you are bringing into your life and ours that i hope this will only brighten your world even more.