Kitten Tails: Carter est dans la zone de jeu avec ses frères

Kitten Tails: Carter est dans la zone de jeu avec ses frères
Photography & Videos by Shawn MacKenzie
Written By Marge Wakeman
Guest Blogger

poe-paws aka simba

carter, poe-poe aka simba, and scout when they were still not quite so free to roam anywhere that they choose. they were either in our laps and being snuggled or within range on the living room floor under close scrutiny by their mother gatsby and their human mothers. we all watched them closely so they did not wander off into a trouble area they were not yet ready to face.

carter scout poe-paws

as you can see from this video just below they are eventually allowed to break free but only at the adults’ discretion. you will also note they are all absolutely adorable and they so easily win your heart. they are well loved and growing quite well. they are under the care of the greatest mother kitty any kitten would be lucky to have watching over them. always attentive and vigilant, watching out for any possible threat to her babies safety. she did go a touch overboard but that part of the story comes later.

I Want To Break Free – Freddie Mercury and Queen

this other video below is the kittens carter, poe-paws aka simba (looks like the character from “the lion king” when he was little), and scout. carter is a little guy with his short legs and adorably small face and body. he is the smallest and is able to do everything the others can do but at a touch slower pace. poe-paws is the big brother who ventures forth fearless and takes on the world before everyone. he ate at the kitty feeding dish first. he chomped down on crunchies with mom gatsby by his side eating right along with him.

pow-paws in laptop bag

scout is the handsome one, not that poe-paws isn’t handsome, but scout has those beautiful blues eyes like paul newman, and he wins your heart with his carefree attitude. two nights ago, he popped up into my lap late at night, much to my surprise, settled down to flirting with me while he played and snuggled while i tried to write on my laptop. i love kitten paws. they are so tiny and gentle. one majorly big thing that they have all learned to do is to open their tiny mouths and let out the quietests of hisses. then they do the cutest pose of arching their backs when trying to be tough. they are maturing but i hope they don’t get too big, too fast. i love kittens being kittens as long as possible.

carter stance of toughness

carter may just be a minature munchkin kitty. if you look closely at his paws, they are quite different then those of most kitties and his face is so adorably cute but like that of a small kitten doll. carter, also, is definitely quite pixilated. he has the grandest of times creating imaginary spots in his mind in which to play with. but don’t worry he gives his brothers a touch of his intensity when its time to play together. they do all the acting out of grown up kitties in grown up situations. carter is the only one who hasn’t eaten anything except mom’s milk and he does take a bottle. soon all will graduate to kitten crunchies and canned food, but i think mom gatsby might have something to say about how fast they grow up. i think she is going

carton dans la boite

to want to take her time weaning the little guys. she is like Mary Poppins when it comes to guarding, protecting and keeping them in line. she is quite gentle in these duties with her children and fierce as hell with any other cats that want to approach her brood with the exception of sanji, our very large, long-haired adult neutered male cat. gatsby, i think, either has a crush on him, or he’s too gently tough and wouldn’t take any of her guff from the start.

carter poe-paws scout dans la boite

our other cats run for the hills, that means upstairs, when gatsby the terrorist (as we refer to gatsby when she goes into monster mode) chases them while growling all the way, as they fly up the stairs into safe territory. that will be changing quite soon. her rule will be coming to an end once the kittens are weaned completely. gatsby will be spayed and hopefully that and the use of the plugged-in pheramones that will release into the air a scent that will bring a calmness back into our home, a vet swears bty it. i love the kittens very much but i miss the rituals that we had with all the other cats in our home when they were free to be downstairs, free-range kitties themselves. peace shall be returned and all will be well. the kittens will grow into cats. and we will have a full house of animals who will live in harmony once again.

La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

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