We need time to be & all you have to do is dream!

This fits where my mind has been wandering to for the past year and a half. I wrote a poem last night that falls right into this song. The poem came out of me onto paper when the protagonist in my screenplay was trying to be sponaneous and flow out poetic words to someone she had strong feelings for in the script. ~jennifer kiley~

Anguished Repose

Only as much as I dream can I be.


Dreams come true if you survive the hard times!”

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6 thoughts on “We need time to be & all you have to do is dream!

    • i loved this song forever. i did not know that tom hanks wife had such a marvelous voice. rita wilson carries me away. when i first reblogged Dream i listened to it over and over. but the video on my mp3. need to check it is available on a single mp3. thanks jen x


        • yeah! it sure came as a surprise to me also. i thought it was a different name until i lostened to it again yesterday i saw on the video her name rita wilson. the face looked like her when i checked on youtube but then i wrongly remembered the first name to being ruth but found out it was rita. it is so cool that she is so talented. i need to check out if she has recorded anything else. thanks rach. 😉 jen


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