what you say about blame may have some truth in it but it also does not take into account parents from hell. when i say hell, i mean the seven circles. my parents didn’t do their best, they did their worst. if i had an advocate when i was a child they would have been arrested and served time in prison. what they did was criminal. do i blame them? i wouldn’t use that word. but i will not accept that they even tried to be good parents. they were abusers of every kind of abuse. parents are suppose to protect you. they thought keeping secrets and punishment that went beyond discipline was acceptable. no i do not blame them. i found my way out of hell into a world where i learned from good people and i found love and acceptance and encouragement. therapy – years and still in it has helped some of the healing. i have great people who love me now. those parents that i do not blame are gone but still haunt me. but i do not blame them. ~jennifer kiley~