Why I Started “the secret keeper”

why i started “the secret keeper”
by jennifer kiley

i believe that i started my blog to have a place to express myself as freely as possible. hopefully i am gradually finding my voice to speak about all the secrets that people keep silent. if i find the courage to write about the truth of what i know & learn along the way, that will please me.

i hope to discover more about who i am & i will stop being silent. the more i write the braver the words are. the thoughts & feelings that form inside of my mind, come forth into the world for me to write them down, so that i can read what i may have revealed.

it may be a new way of perceiving the world or what causes a bipolar abused mind to react the way it does with anger or gets high or falls down into the depths of hell to a dark place where all i want to do is die. if this helps someone to realize they are not alone or someone else finds something in what i write that may help them to understand themselves, that would be okay with me.

one thing that is most important to me is to break the silence & end the stigma of being something that is different than “normal.” and to enjoy the act of creating something that might be significant and along the road it can also be fun to just create something that causes joy & laughter.

i most like the images i find to fit in with a post & also the music that helps express the meaning of the post. creating my posts also helps me develop my creative writing for poetry & screenplays & other fiction & non-fiction.

being creative is something that i am addicted to. it’s a good, no it’s a great addiction. can you die from it? i suppose if you don’t get enough sleep or eat enough or often, that could be a problem. but i love it so much.

7 thoughts on “Why I Started “the secret keeper”

  1. I think it essential to speak what is unspoken. You are brave; I have said it before. If we exalt beauty wherever we find it, we find ever more poignant moments that contrast to all that is dark and without soul.


    • your writing flows like a mountain stream and i am drawn to water. it’s sounds are divine. when i am in a dark mood i would go to the shore during a thunder storm. it took my breath away and instilled fear in my heart but i held my ground. i have faced many demons who have tried to destroy me but i have risen from the ashes many times, stronger but more shielded. i want to be brave. it takes a certain amount of strength to carry it off. i am past hiding who i am or what has happened in my past. now i want to know and to reach out with my voice. if i only hear an echo than i will listen. i find your use of language and words touch my very soul. beauty comes from within you and through your writing and your singing voice. i know that you have an enlightened soul. i can feel it. you have a strong presence. i agree that it is essential to reveal the unspoken truth. as the words escape my mouth i can feel the release of emotional pain. eventually it will be replaced with relief and maybe joy. if you understand what i am trying to say that is good. if i need to write with more clarity, it will move me to do so. thank you for your kindness and support. i am getting into a poetic mood and feel i will say too much that may not make sense. i tend to be abstract when i write poetry. so good night and namaste!


      • It is the beginning of my day here. You will see this message when you awake. Creativity, and your struggle to find the words through which to express yourself, will help you remain conscious when the demons try to rip your soul apart. Remaining conscious of what we feel allows a separation from those thoughts that would have their wicked way with you. You will become stronger. Believe in yourself and the light that is within you. That light has accompanied you this far and has been strong enough to reveal the demons. You are not them. You are that light, and you will discover its beauty.


  2. Shh…psst, psst. You would be wise to take Niamh’s comments to heart. 😉
    For my part, I can only add – not all of the good die young. Some of us
    have made it past 50! The young-at-heart self-preserve their self.
    The world needs more of us. Do hang in there. Peace, UT 🙂


    • thank you uncle tree. it is good what you have said & also niamh. it is true the young at heart do live forever young & are remembered. but the wisdom, if one lives one’s life seeking truth & goodness we will find some amazing experiences in our lives. namaste! 😀


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