October 18, 2010
(reblogged from “Idle Theory“)


I need to have a sense of significance.

Why is it hard for me to feel that it is okay to have a self sense of significance? For the last few weeks i’ve been thinking about this a lot. Before, I used to think “It’s wrong for me to feel significant. I don’t deserve to feel a sense of significance.” I stepped back and realized that it is ridiculous for me to feel this way. I wondered why I felt this way and couldn’t come up with any reasonable conclusions, so i’ve been trying very hard to realize that I am a great person, and I can feel significant. It’s not wrong, It’s not selfish, it’s okay.

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2 thoughts on “Significance

  1. Not only ok, but necessary…i bet those who love you feel you are significant–in all the universes there has only been and only will be one unique you…Bless up =)


    • thank you. there are people who are important to me who try to reassure me with great superlatives but it still causes me to wonder are they being truthful or just trying to make me feel good? i do have moments when i believe in myself and that what i give to the world around me is important. when i was young i wanted to be famous but i don’t think that is what makes one significant. i thought fame meant you would never die. that you would live on like Shakespeare – in your work. i guess my question is: what gives one significance or makes one significant? is it all just an individual’s sense of reality?


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