What Is Karma?

i believe in reincarnation. one needs to return to keep on learning & growng & to practice giving to the universe that which is postive & refraining as we are able to release the negative from our lives. until we have worked out all the lessons we need to learn & our lives becomes unified with the power of the universe. we can join with the oneness. think positive & release the negative. send out positive thoughts, for if you send out negative thoughts to others it will return to you. that is how i think of Karma.


Karma comes from the word karam , meaning” wheels” or “motion.” It is Sanskrit in origin. In the Western magical tradition, we refer to the law of karma as the “Just Law of compensation” or “Knowledge of the scales of Tahuti.”

We were created by God a long, long time ago. Since then, we have lived hundreds and thousands of lives. This means that we have committed countless actions, at the spiritual, psychic, physical or emotional levels. Imagine throwing a single stone on a silent pond. From this one stone, many ripples are created. In our lives, we have thrown a countless number of stones, and the resulting ripples are moving in all directions. Can you imagine it? We are living and moving according to those ripples, and the results is we are entangled in a giant, disorderly, circuitous web, to which we are possibly adding more confusion with every…

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