Mandala Monday 4

the mandala the “Rose Solar Dagger” in this post is so mind blowing & viseral. it goes into infinity. There are two others that I also enjoyed. I am a lover of mandalas so find this post truly enjoyable.

Waking Spirals

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Rose Solar Dagger by G A Rosenberg

Tie – Dyed by G A Rosenberg

Grasping Infinity by G A Rosenberg

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do you believe in coincidence? for myself, i would say no. there is a certain serendipity to the universe. just recently, i wanted to name our new kitten “marcus” after Marcus Aurelius & in Harmony he appears to me. “he is one cool guy.” I love the Buddha & the quotation. Definitely want to send the message through to others. by jennifer kiley

Serendipity: The happy faculty, or luck, of finding, by “accidental sagacity,” interesting items of information or unexpected proofs of one’s theories; discovery of things unsought: An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity.

Sagacious (sagacity): Keenly perceptive; discerning, as by some exceptionally developed or extraordinary natural power.

I give credit of this post to the following two related links for through them I found this photo of Buddha with the quote from Marcus Aurelius. I wanted to be able to look upon this image as a guidance to my meditations.Thank you both. Namaste!

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What Is Karma?

i believe in reincarnation. one needs to return to keep on learning & growng & to practice giving to the universe that which is postive & refraining as we are able to release the negative from our lives. until we have worked out all the lessons we need to learn & our lives becomes unified with the power of the universe. we can join with the oneness. think positive & release the negative. send out positive thoughts, for if you send out negative thoughts to others it will return to you. that is how i think of Karma.


Karma comes from the word karam , meaning” wheels” or “motion.” It is Sanskrit in origin. In the Western magical tradition, we refer to the law of karma as the “Just Law of compensation” or “Knowledge of the scales of Tahuti.”

We were created by God a long, long time ago. Since then, we have lived hundreds and thousands of lives. This means that we have committed countless actions, at the spiritual, psychic, physical or emotional levels. Imagine throwing a single stone on a silent pond. From this one stone, many ripples are created. In our lives, we have thrown a countless number of stones, and the resulting ripples are moving in all directions. Can you imagine it? We are living and moving according to those ripples, and the results is we are entangled in a giant, disorderly, circuitous web, to which we are possibly adding more confusion with every…

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Vulnerability, The Birthplace

i allowed vulnerability into my life with my last therapist and she crushed me. now i am so shy about letting myself open up again. it is a slow process but thru laughter my new therapist in making her way in thru the crack in my armor. this a fantastic video from TED. i really liked what the speaker had to say. she would make a good therapist. need to listen to it again.

J. Ruth Kelly

“vulnerability…the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love…” “for me… it was a year long streetfight…I lost.” Brené Brown

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