Dragon Gestalt

By Jennifer Kiley

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook: Including the Myth & Mystery, Care & Feeding, Life & Lore of these Fiercely Splendid Creatures by Shawn MacKenzie

Dragon Gestalt: A physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts. “It is as large as life and twice as natural.” …Lewis Carroll – Through the Looking-Glass

the blue dragon

There Be Dragons! I make this as a statement of fact, or is it fiction, make believe, a dreamer’s misty recollection of subconscious archetypes, or that which the sandman sprinkles into our fantasies as we slumber. And when we awake, are we ever sure that the places we visited are not real, & the images we are allowed to remember, are they from another time when Dragons lived regally & were not just what some people today might call a gift of magical thinking?

a white dragon visiting your dreams

Yet, there are those who profess to have been visited by Dragons. Some see them out of the corner of their eye, always the place where the mystical creatures live, in between the shadows.

a dragon on the shore having just been introduced to whom i believe to be peter pan on a visit from neverland

Does this book “The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook” satisfy an answer to this statement: “There Be Dragons!”? In Ms. MacKenzie’s book, Dragons fill the history of myth & lore. Paintings exist that depict them in their spendour & in their slaughter by the `oh so brave heroes’ who want to win a maiden’s hand or a village’s pleasure or a King’s ransom.

st. george murdered a dragon

Those who are curious to discover the magical world of Dragons, their special place in civilization’s existence & their contribution to the creation of this very universe that we live in, will be able to unravel the mystery by delving into the imagination of this grand author’s maze of woven dreams–& real magic–that exists in any true believer’s mind.

the world is hot like dragon fire

light fills the sky

Ms. MacKenzie professes to have seen her first Dragons when she was a wee one growing up in a world filled with joy & sadness, magic & illusions, creativity & dreams. They stayed with her, into the years as she grew to one day begin the task of gathering from all corners of the world, every bit of information she could find about Dragons, in order to put together a book which dreams are made of, where magic is real & what we believe becomes our world.

a forest spirit

It is such a lovely journey, where you will see that not everyone in the world is good. That evil does exist & for, some reason, that evil creates people who want to destroy these lovely creatures we know as Dragons. People were this destructive with all the fairy creatures, unicorns & all things mystical. That is why you need to be someone special to see Dragons & those who live in their sometimes invisible world. It is the only place where they can be safe from those who wish them ill.

where dragons & all mystical creatures hide in visible site

“The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook” opens  this world up to us, so that we may understand the full & truly special significance, & the necessary existence, of Dragons. In her book, Ms. MacKenzie describes how the Dragons were responsible for creating the Universe.

the creation

There are tales of such a multiplicity of different kinds of Dragons that have & still inhabit this Earth. To follow this book from the beginning to the end is an adventure anyone with curiosity would want to take. It is more than just a reference book on Dragons, but you do learn from it & can refer to it when you wish to remember parts that you may have forgotten. It is that all-encompassing a book to read & enjoy, that it will be something you will want to dive into whenever the urge moves you to want to play among the Dragons, & to discover more that you may have missed the first or second or third read through.

an educated dragon

It is a book that works quite well to read aloud to another or to absorb silently with your curious mind. The avenues of knowledge that you will be experiencing are divinely presented to you in a fine language by an author who knows the specialness of words and storytelling. The words carry you on a flight through the pages, learning something new in every word, sentence, paragraph & page you turn. There is a glossary at the back for those glorious words that may be new to your eyes, but even that is part of the specialness of “The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook”. It is meant to be a complete and total learning experience.

a friendly little one just exercising fire breathing

This is the Year of the Dragon. In this book you will learn about Dragons From Tooth to Tail;From Real Dragons to Pretenders; their Habitats & Habits; Their Evolution; The Question of the Egg; The Cosmic Dragons; The Origin of People; Trying to Control the Chaotic and the Wildness; How Dragons Survived (Humans were almost as successful in Destroying the Dragon as they are today in Destroying the nearly extinct creatures of the Earth.) Ah, then we come to The Care & Feeding of Dragons & Learning to Co-exist.

new york city hanging out at washington square park
maybe for a game of chess

This is all within this wonderful book: “The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook:Including the Myth & Mystery, Care & Feeding, Life & Lore of these Fiercely Splendid Creatures” by Shawn MacKenzie.

a wee dragon with the magic spell book

“Standing Alone Together” “…There Be Dragons. From scrappy, ooze-covered creatures emerging from primal seas to majestic beauties dancing across modern skylines, There Be Dragons.Dangerous, terrible, wise, and sublime, Dragons are the universe in miniature, a blinding link in the chain of being. They gouge out rivers and cast up mountains, roil the oceans and swallow stars whole. Beyond good or evil, they see what was, what is, and what will be. Dragons are the burden of dreams; the mystery of the invisible made visible, of raw chaos and eternal power. Dragons are here, now. And they were there then…”

dragon being muse for the author

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