REVIEW: You Are A Writer (So Start ACTING Like One!) by Jeff Goins

If you write and feel you create with words. i would say that you are a writer. I found this post by reading though many posts that led me to this one, The book that is reviewed feels to me to be what serendipitously led me to discover this book: “You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins. It is available on Amazon. Be sure to go to the US page if you live in the US) not the UK one. It will become part of my collection. And moments ago after posting this I purchased a copy for my kindle. It will be my reassurance manual.

Looking Over My Shoulder


Like most people who use, we put our views and opinions up, to exorcise our soul. It’s free therapy, we hope someone else reads our words, it influences them, changes the way they think or simply makes them smile.

For me, as I have said in earlier posts, it’s comparable to Tourette’s. A thought, word or question comes into my brain, rattles around, growing, until I have to release it. I can’t focus, think or concentrate on any other topic until I sit down at my laptop, and let my brain filter out through my fingers and when it is done, I hit publish.

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