Infinite – All Is One and One Is All

Collected By Jennifer Kiley


Einstein's Reflections On the Limitations Humans Make of the Infinite Universe

Giving Universal Reiki Energy Out Into All Matter and Beings

Momma Hugging Baby Hugging Momma
Other Kitten Thinks I Sure Want Some of That

Stays For Awhile Then Fades Away

Tree Light Streaking. Breaking Through To The Other Side

Energy Flows Out Into the Universe and Returns Again
To Make Another Continuing Circle

2 thoughts on “Infinite – All Is One and One Is All

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    • incredible site-love your blog. infinity and beyond. a recent post that i wrote as questioning multi-verses and 11 dimensions. i watched a video about a physicists who works with string theory giving a talk about all of this. in college my brain felt like it would explode when i would go on my mental journeys to the outer limitlessness of infinty. also, i ask is there more than one infinity? pondering continuously. the secret keeper


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