Bollywood Passions Soap Opera – The Dance

by Jennifer Kiley

I thought a bit of lightness and fun would be enjoyable. On Monday night I watched the TV show SMASH and when I got home today my partner was watching it and the Bollywood Dance Number fom the show was on the TV. I loved watching it both times. Then it made me remember when they created a great Bollywood Dance Number for the main characters of the Soap Opera Passions. The one that was always off the wall and thoroughly delightful to watch. It always made you laugh because it was so out there and entertaining. Teresa from day one going after Ethan and Gwen always coming between their true love through manipulation and cheating and a lot of help from her mother to keep the star crossed lovers apart. Well, I did a YouTube search and I found these three videos of that Bollywood Dance where the fight is on over Ethan. I love Bollywood films and sometimes the best part is the Dance Number. One always looked forward to it. Remember the Academy Award winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” – there it was The Bollywood Dance Number whether it fit in or not and it was great even though the film spent most of the time being tense and the hero was trying to find the girl he sees across the way from him but they were so far apart. And of course the amazing game he plays of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.” So enjoy the three videos of Americans who are visiting India and end in a dance off to see who wins Ethan.

These are three different videos even though on the second two videos they are both labeled part two (2).

Bollywood Passions Soap Opera – The Dance Part 1
(go to 2:17 minutes. it is where the dance sequence begins

Bollywood Passions Soap Opera – The Dance Part 2

Bollywood Passions Soap Opera – The Dance Part 3

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