Twilight Saga vs True Blood

by Jennifer Kiley

I love both Twilight Saga and True Blood.

Edward and Bella
Amongst the Blue Flowers

True Blood
Bill and Sookie

The child in me is drawn to the “Romantic Princess” Complex in Twilight. The politeness of Edward and his not being like all men who want to force their sexual needs on the woman before she is ready.

Edward and Bella
In their closeness

Edward and Bella
A Symbol in Twilight Saga

When I say force I am not speaking of rape but of the old sexual desires of men needing to be satified now. Women have sexual needs as well but want to express them in their own time and not specifically as a reward to the man.

Eric makes a play for Sookie

True Blood Eric

There is passion brewing between Bella and Edward but it is allowed to ripen rather then acted on and released just because the feelings exist.

Edward and Bella
In Love

It’s holding back from what you want so that once you get there the release is so much more powerful.

Edward and Bella
Twilight Saga Romance

Then there is True Blood where passion overflows like Victoria Falls.

Trueblood Threesome
On the cover of Rolling Stone

It is hot and expressed in a total and all consuming release. A mature love that is expressed without reservation.

Tue Blood Eric and Bill
on cover of Rolling Stone

Both have a place in the way women chose to express their sexual desires. Some chose a building slowness before expressing their needs and some rip off their clothes in an effort to get to their release as quickly as possible.

True Blood Bill

I think it is a matter of choice as opposed to a repressed id or a forced bordering on denial of ones desires.

True Blood
Eric Casual

I find both intriguing and appealing but in my imagination I would want the titilation of holding back and being slowly seduced and seducing.

Edward and Bella
At their Wedding

It would seem to me that one would experience more fully the sensations in the love making when expressing ones self more slowly and building to the crescendo and then release. JMO.

Edward and Bella
The couple of Twilight Saga

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