Gatsby – Birthing the kittens

The continued story of Gatsby and the results of Birthing the kittens. Along with video of mom and kittens the next morning.

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

It was a dark and stormy night. The dark side of the moon was mooning us from on high, not that we could notice with all the clouds. Still, we need the rain, so no complaints.

Gatsby, in her inimitable wisdom decided it was the perfect time to have her kittens. What a shock! (Personally, I didn’ expect them until May Day.)

Around 9:00 she started pacing about, talking like crazy, and checking out the space under the recliner (a space I blocked off as soon as she came out; didn’t want her having kittens in an inaccessible space)… I dug out the Home Veterinarian book to get some idea whether or not I would be getting any sleep. Finally, I figured I might as well try to get a couple of hours rest–Gats would wake me when the time came.

Not only did she wake me, she decided to have the little ones on…

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Twilight Saga vs True Blood

by Jennifer Kiley

I love both Twilight Saga and True Blood.

Edward and Bella
Amongst the Blue Flowers

True Blood
Bill and Sookie

The child in me is drawn to the “Romantic Princess” Complex in Twilight. The politeness of Edward and his not being like all men who want to force their sexual needs on the woman before she is ready.

Edward and Bella
In their closeness

Edward and Bella
A Symbol in Twilight Saga

When I say force I am not speaking of rape but of the old sexual desires of men needing to be satified now. Women have sexual needs as well but want to express them in their own time and not specifically as a reward to the man.

Eric makes a play for Sookie

True Blood Eric

There is passion brewing between Bella and Edward but it is allowed to ripen rather then acted on and released just because the feelings exist.

Edward and Bella
In Love

It’s holding back from what you want so that once you get there the release is so much more powerful.

Edward and Bella
Twilight Saga Romance

Then there is True Blood where passion overflows like Victoria Falls.

Trueblood Threesome
On the cover of Rolling Stone

It is hot and expressed in a total and all consuming release. A mature love that is expressed without reservation.

Tue Blood Eric and Bill
on cover of Rolling Stone

Both have a place in the way women chose to express their sexual desires. Some chose a building slowness before expressing their needs and some rip off their clothes in an effort to get to their release as quickly as possible.

True Blood Bill

I think it is a matter of choice as opposed to a repressed id or a forced bordering on denial of ones desires.

True Blood
Eric Casual

I find both intriguing and appealing but in my imagination I would want the titilation of holding back and being slowly seduced and seducing.

Edward and Bella
At their Wedding

It would seem to me that one would experience more fully the sensations in the love making when expressing ones self more slowly and building to the crescendo and then release. JMO.

Edward and Bella
The couple of Twilight Saga

Birthing Babies – Kittens That Is

Gatsby on April 17th, 2012
A pregnant kitty someone threw over a tall wire fence
As loveable a cat that anyone could want to love

by Jennifer Kiley

i spent the last two hours helping Gatsby give birth to three adorable kittens. but before i get into telling you all about it i must say this is the 2nd day in a row that i’ve written a long piece and have the page freeze up on me and totally lose everything. on April 20th when i wrote Happy 420!!! it disappeared 3 times. so i rewrote it 3 times. Each time it did improve-so at least i could be appreciative of that. on April 21st I was writing about how people have a fear of the police and i felt that was a grand piece of writing. the bloody thing froze just as i was coming to the close of writing it. and mind you i did try to copy each of these writings but when i went to paste them someplace else it didn’t work. am i being jinxed or just being forced into editing and editing my work. maybe a message is there from my muse to teach me all about that long road one has to follow if one is going to write. it’s the world of editing and rewrites. plus i see that when i rewrite from memory the second or third time around actually comes out better and fuller. and to finish this part, the same thing happened when i tried to write this story, so once again i had to start from the beginning. (what exactly do you really think that this writing and having my work disappear is all about – could it be that i am working on a screenplay where one of the characters has been pulled into the paranormal universe and is protesting the chnage in plans for her character. i do not know but i wish it would stop. it is getting really exhausting and frustrating to keep starting from the beginning over and over again.)

now that i’ve said this let me tell you about our three new kittens. first of all that is how many i predicted Gatsby was going to give us. The first birth was so painful. I didn’t know it was happening until while i was writing on facebook on my laptop I heard a bloody scream coming from Gatsby out of the other room. I asked Shawn (my partner) “What the hell was that?” she told me: “It had started.” Well, as quickly as i could i put my laptop into hibernation i went to be with Gatsby and Shawn. We were on either side of her as she lay uncomfortably on a sheet on the bed. The first birth was long and painful but finally after laying my hands on Gatsby and Shawn doing the same. I threw in some lamaze breathing. the first kitten started to slowly appear but it took what seemed like forever. We just wanted Gatsby’s pain to stop. And then there appeared in the last moments of his (?) birth, the first kitty, an orange tabby long hair (possibly) (this was apparent to us after momma cleaned him (?) all up. Watching him just move and breath for the first time was truly breathtaking. All throughout, each birth was a miracle and kind of scary because i know i kept on chasng away the worst in my head. when i heard their sweet squeaky voices i was delighted. But on to a happier state, we have temporary names for all of them. The first we are calling Max (Maximillian). Now for the second birth, Max was all cleaned when who should pop out much more quickly and with only the minimum of discomfort on Gatsby’s part a gorgeous totally black probably long haired darling kitten that we named Twain (M. Twain). He is the biggest and I think the most precocious. I want him to hopefully become my familiar. I haven’t had my own black cat as a familiar since Jones (Indigo). She was crazy and lovable and my lap cat and sleeping buddy. Always wanted to be with me. Then came the last of the three. I predicted there would be three in the litter. The date I chose was way off the mark (May 4th I believe). This little one was the smallest and was also an orange tabby. No one had any white on them that either of us could see. We named her (?) Scout. Personally, I think the names will stick. I chose them except that originally I wanted to give Max the name Marcus (for the writer and philosopher) but Shawn wasn’t so sure about that one. It actually started out with the Mark Twain theme but we just kept Twain. And of course Scout is from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I relate to that character and felt a lot like her when I was a kid except i didn’t have her father instead I lived in my Imagination but Scout the kitten needs a strong name to start out her life.

All are asleep now except me and Sagan, one of our two chinchillas, who i also refer to as Buddha Baby. She looks like the Buddha when she sits in her meditation pose. Well, I need to do some editing before I go to sleep myself. Once again I am not going to get to watch the movie I have been trying to see all week. Maybe tomorrow in the late night. In answer to the question, when we brought Gatsby into our home, after rescuing her from a friend who rescued her from her yard after someone threw her pregnant and all over her extremely high fence, did we know she was pregnant? No, but it will be alright. We are going to give these kittens the best socializing any kittens could ask for. Not since Mouse and Stuart have we had such young ones in our care. They were both about 4 weeks when the Animal Shelter asked me if I would take them home to give them personal care. Stuart was the first. He was bottle fed and slept between Shawn and I. He developed a cold and Shawn would hold him while they both slept to help him breath better. And Mouse received the same kind of care. Mouse had this special ski hat that he liked to knead and suck on. He did that for years. And Stuart drank from the bottle long after he was an adult cat. He liked being held like a baby and able to suck at the bottle. These two became my draping kitties. They were always in my lap and when I would try to use my computer esp. my laptop they would drape over my arms while I typed, both at the same time. I loved them and I loved how much they loved me. Now that they are gone, having new baby kittens in the house will make missing all our dear sweet loved animals a little less painful. I know Shawn is not going to let us keep all of them but I can only hope. Let’s see how attached we both get to them. Once you love an animal from birth it is next to impossible to let them go. ps. photos will be placed on wordpress eventually of the newborns with their mum but only the ones that are not invasive of Gatsby’s privacy rights. She is such a loving kitty and practically a kitten herself. When Shawn surprised me with Gatsby I thought she was only about 4 1/2 months old at the time approximately a month ago. The vet when announcing she was pregnant, also stated she was about a year old. Such a tiny little girl Gatsby is.

And the morning after the birthing of the kittens with mom and babies all alert and adorable.

The link to the continuing story of Gatsby and her three adorable kittens. Beware the postpartum tyrant. Our poor other kitties just don’t know or have any idea why she is so bloody hell mad at them. Hopefully, the emotional terrorism will subside in due time.