In Memory of Whitney Houston

I Will Always Love You
by Jen Kiley

Whitney Houston August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

Whitney holding one of her many Grammy Awards

The Greatest Love of All

Whitney in a Striking Pose

I Look To You

When I heard the news “Whitney Houston is dead” I just went into shock. Hours before I was reading in HuffPost that there was a possibility that she may join the show “X Factor”. I was hopeful for her. I listen to her all the time on my Sony Walkman mp3, especially her song “I Will Always Love You”. The film “The Body Guard”, I’ve seen too many times to remember.

It was the first time I heard “The Greatest Love of All” playing on a college radio station that I moved beyond a heightened excitement for a song and it’s singer. They didn’t identify the singer with the spectacular voice. I called in to find out who she was and when they told me her name was Whitney Houston. I knew I had not heard of her before that moment.

One Moment In Time

But like a good and developing connoisseur of her music, I called repeatedly for them to play her song. From that first moment of hearing her sing I knew I was going to follow her career forever. She blew away my soul, mind & emotions. It was love at first sound.

Whitney feeling a moment of happiness

Today I am so saddened that another one of The Greatest Performers has been stolen from us. The grief will be awakened every time I hear her singing “I Will Always Love You”. It really never occurred to me that she wouldn’t make it. To die so suddenly at the young age of 48. I knew she was in trouble but I really thought she would pull through. Addiction to drugs and being abused can really destroy the soul’s spirit to survive. May you Rest In Peace Whitney Houston. You are loved by so many.

Whitney in front of her photo holding up a Peace Symbol. I hope she has found that Peace.

I hope you find the Peace you need and deserve and you’ll meet up with Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse who left us a short time before you. You gave the world so much. You will always be remembered and your legacy will continue for as long as there are those who love Great Music.

I Will Always Love You

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