the 27 year club – a new member

the 27 year club – a new member

by jen kiley

RIP July 23rd, 2011 Amy Winehouse

I heard this on the afternoon of my birthday. when the words came out of my partner’s mouth i thought she said that Amy Winehouse tried to kill herself. My mistake was quickly corrected and received in a shock by me when i heard the words that she killed herself. I did a post awhile back on those starts who died young titled :forever young” I felt at the time possessed by river phoenix and james dean’s spirits and all those waking up to be heard out of a strong need to be heard. was today a day that Amy Winehouse was shouting out doesn’t anybody hear me. I am in so much pain that i can’t bare it any longer. i found this callous piece off a lead from a twitter post. it is titled AMY: Self Destruction – it contained passages about Snoop Dogg but i edited them out because i did not feel there relevance here. It was written just over three years ago but relevant to what just happened with Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black


Date of show: May 2 and 4, 2008
On self-destruction.

When the British singer songwriter Amy Winehouse gets into trouble, she goes from weakness to weakness. This is especially sad because, whereas you might think that Amy Winehouse clearly has a talent from heaven. Already it has earned her millions of pounds, so you might say that her worries are working in her favour. But even the press is by now realising that it’s callous to say so.

Last weekend a voluntary visit to the police turned into an overnight stay and the story was instantly in all the papers, but there was a new note detectable, as of a farce finally being recognized as an incipient tragedy. If there was ever any fun to be had from reading about her troubles, the point has been reached where there is no fun left even in writing about them. Probably the best we can all do for her is not to mention her name except when buying one of her albums, so perhaps I am making a bad start. But I remember too well the first time I heard her sing and was so moved that my heart hurt.

And I also remember the first time that I saw her in real life. It was last year, in downtown New York. We happened to be staying in the same hotel, and I passed her in the foyer. She looked so frail that my heart hurt again, but in a different way. When that young woman sings, it’s the revelation of a divine gift. But when she behaves as if the gift were hers to destroy if she feels like it, you can’t help thinking of divine wrath. Can’t the same force that made her so brilliant give her strength?

At about the same time that Amy Winehouse was emerging from a police station again to be greeted by demands from her own father that she be sectioned as a soon as possible.

And then there’s Amy Winehouse, whose best songs really are works of art, no question. And she can actually sing them to you, in a way you would rather remember than forget. And yet she looks as if she can’t wait until it’s all over. Billie Holiday, by the end, had reasons to feel like that. But at the start, she guarded her gift. And Ella Fitzgerald sang on into old age as if her gift belonged to the world, which indeed it did. Amy Winehouse, if she wished, might build up an achievement that could be mentioned in the same breath as those two: perhaps not as varied, perhaps not as abundant, but just as unmistakably individual, and even more so because some of the songs would be composed by her, and not just handed to her on a piece of paper.

It could be that she does wish to fulfill her vast potential, but she has another wish that conflicts: the wish for oblivion. It’s hard to speak against that wish without sounding like an advertisement for a package holiday. As this world goes, there are ample reasons for wanting to be out of it even if your personal history is a comfort, and I imagine hers has been the opposite. But she knows all this. The proof is in some of her songs. The proof is in her voice. You don’t get to sing like that unless you can give a shape to grief. the end.

forever young – alphaville

What this writer finally says about grief is the point of her life. Did she feel such pain and grief that her gift came came from this dark place. she had such a gift that reached into the souls of her listeners and where in her soul was she reaching that she could express such depth and beauty. the world has once again lost a soul that didn’t feel welcomed on this earth. she became a joke to so many. do those people think that she wasn’t aware of their callousness. I knew what I heard but didn’t have first evidence of her talent just word of her presence on this planet and all the pain that she had to drown or run away from.why do so many people find that so amusing and where is the compassion for such a lost soul who tried to give so much to the world then got lost along the way. I hope she has found her peace. maybe she is with all the other lost souls who are “FOREVER YOUNG”

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

comments on YouTube:

I don’t give a crap about her private life, nothing to with me. What I do care about though is how she affects me with her voice and that has everything to do with me. Singers like Amy Winehouse are rare these days,especially in the UK, so people just get off her back, embrace her voice and thank God we are able to listen to her …
6 months ago 63

amy winehouse’s soul is black

Amy Winehouse – I’m No Good

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