in memory of you

in memory of you
for april who if she were here
would know what to do

by jen kiley

U2 – With or Without You

you wouldn’t want me to think the way I do
not about her… not at any time
I don’t know what to think…
how could I believe
that she would betray me
after all the love we had
for all we felt inside
she could not have been so gentle
and kind and compassionate
and hold the beliefs
she holds in her heart
i would be able to tell
if she were not being real with me

Lifehouse – Broken

such tenderness in her voice
spoken words so softly fell from her lips
they caressed my mind with soothing comfort
who exactly is not telling the truth
what is the truth
wouldn’t I recognize it before me
I have my doubts
and feel I know
who has lied to me
and denied me
my greatest need
to tell the one I loved
that she grounded me
I loved her so

the pretenders – I’ll stand by you

was it jealousy
that made her hold back the communique
or was it out of protection for her
or for me
but I did not want that protection
now I feel a need to kill myself
why – because I doubt the one I love
think thoughts and say fuck you
when I mean I love you
to have to wait so long for the truth
it seems unfair that I should have
that much time between us
can a go-between discover the truth for me
how do I ask the woman I love to ask the woman I love
if she still cares and if she still loves me
I would rather die than believe she would want to hurt me
when for so long she protected so carefully
with her words and her hugs
and reassurances

Timing Is Everything(Country Strong)-Garrett Hedlund

dare to live to the very last
dare to live forget about the past
you tried to help me forget my past
release the pain… the abuse I suffered
you taught me you could care for me and another
and it wouldn’t take you away from me
so why do I feel everyone is against
my love for you
it hurts so much not to know you
to have you so far away
I cannot reach out with my hand
and touch your face
to reassure me that you are real

Leighton Meester ft Garrett Hedlund – Give In To Me

that one day you will be there again
for me and me for you
I think they are lying about you
I won’t believe you would want to hurt me
until I hear you say the words
their truth is not my truth
but if the words are true
then you would totally break my heart
and I would say to you
how could you
didn’t I ever mean something to you

july 13th, 2011

How Do I Live- Trisha Yearwood

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